What specific airframe are we looking at doing a deal on?
We are interested in all of the original Aero Union P3s now in storage at MCC.
When did it last have its system started?
Apparently they are being run up regularly and prepped for ferry flights to the dismantling yard.
What's the current status of its systems engine etc?
The fleet has varying degrees of currency. There is quite a bit of deferred maintenance to be completed as well as structural inspections to determine the amount of structural repairs to be done.
What was the status of it when it last flew?
The last time they flew was July 29 2011 when we flew them home ( I flew T22 home). Some came home a day or two later.
Was it airworthy back then?
Yes, and they were carded for the season by the USFS, but the contract was cancelled, and we were sent home due to a contract dispute
What exactly needs to be done to it to get it back in the air?
The deferred maintenance, and the structural inspections and repairs need to be completed to comply with the upcoming AD.
What is the actual dollar amount of the purchase?
The negotiations are and shall remain confidential.