An Orion Aerial Champion will:

  • Every day of the 60-day Indiegogo campaign, reach out to your network to drive traffic to the campaign
  • Help connect with any other websites that you’re involved with and punch the message there as well
  • Reach out to any media contacts to get their support
  • Use Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook Google and any other internet networking to push the message
  • Post on the Orion Aerial Facebook page and respond to contributors
  • Blog in the Orion Aerial website Champions page listing efforts and accomplishments many of which will be then posted on the public site
  • Each of our Champions will get five Warriors who will broadcast the message as well.
  • David Kauffman Jr
      David Kauffman Jr
    • Doug Sorensen
        Doug Sorensen
      • Mike Walsh
          Mike Walsh
        • Jon Floate
            Jon Floate
          • Greg Diaz
              Greg Diaz
            • Will Campbell
                Will Campbell
              • Anthony Robinson
                  Anthony Robinson
                • Jim Price
                    Jim Price
                  • James Perrone
                      James Perrone
                    • Tony Wang
                        Tony Wang
                      • Dale Head
                          Dale Head
                        • Brian Cleveland
                            Brian Cleveland
                          • Elise Bakerson
                              Elise Bakerson
                            • Sana Christian
                                Sana Christian
                              • David Bernasconi
                                  David Bernasconi
                                • Chris Goldfinger
                                    Chris Goldfinger
                                  • John Gleichweit
                                      John Gleichweit
                                    • Yolanda Saldana
                                        Yolanda Saldana
                                      • Eric S Neitzel
                                          Eric S Neitzel
                                        • Greg Swink
                                            Greg Swink
                                          • Jeff Bennett
                                              Jeff Bennett
                                            • Scott Shea
                                                Scott Shea
                                              • Jim Cooley
                                                  Jim Cooley
                                                • Denise Sternik Bridges
                                                    Denise Sternik Bridges
                                                  • Dan Mathern
                                                      Dan Mathern
                                                    • Linus Oliver
                                                        Linus Oliver
                                                      • Delta Blue
                                                          Delta Blue
                                                        • Brian Gee
                                                            Brian Gee
                                                          • Jorge Esquivel Jr.
                                                              Jorge Esquivel Jr.
                                                            • Chris Egebjerg
                                                                Chris Egebjerg
                                                              • Wayne Sagar
                                                                  Wayne Sagar
                                                                • Bigmike Bronx
                                                                    Bigmike Bronx
                                                                  • Goncalo Springer
                                                                      Goncalo Springer
                                                                    • Kurt Curtis
                                                                        Kurt Curtis
                                                                      • Aaron Hall
                                                                          Aaron Hall
                                                                        • Don Bence
                                                                            Don Bence
                                                                          • Joshua Wheatley
                                                                              Joshua Wheatley
                                                                            • Heather Ball Houston
                                                                                Heather Ball Houston
                                                                              • Shelly Sprague Jouett
                                                                                  Shelly Sprague Jouett
                                                                                • Winnie Ward
                                                                                    Winnie Ward
                                                                                  • Peter Bruno
                                                                                      Peter Bruno
                                                                                    • Associated Aerial Firefighters
                                                                                        Associated Aerial Firefighters
                                                                                      • Dusty Dowd
                                                                                          Dusty Dowd
                                                                                        • Jeremy Ulloa
                                                                                            Jeremy Ulloa
                                                                                          • John R Hamada
                                                                                              John R Hamada
                                                                                            • Jerry Edwards
                                                                                                Jerry Edwards
                                                                                              • Cafsfiresafety Darren
                                                                                                  Cafsfiresafety Darren
                                                                                                • Darrell Carter
                                                                                                    Darrell Carter
                                                                                                  • Calfire Daily
                                                                                                      Calfire Daily
                                                                                                    • Eric Pearson
                                                                                                        Eric Pearson