You can join our campaign to fund the return of the mighty P-3 Orion to aerial firefighting in the United States
You can join our campaign to fund the return of the mighty P-3 Orion to aerial firefighting in the United States
You can join our campaign to fund the return of the mighty P-3 Orion to aerial firefighting in the United States

Help us return the P-3 Orion Airtankers to service

The US Forest Service is short of the required Large Air Tankers and has not had the resources to aggressively fight fire when necessary.

We can help the US Forest Service by providing relief when they do not have enough tanker resources.

  • Firefighters first on scene of the Eiler fire north of Redding requested airtanker support but were denied until two days later, when the fire was out of control
  • 8 homes and 23,000 charred acres later, that fire was contained.
  • There were 6 P-3 Orion airtankers only 40 minutes away, but without a contract, they were unable to provide assistance.
  • In 2002, there were 48 Large Air Tanker pre-positioned around the US, ready for initial attack to suppress wildfires before they were out of control.
  • As of December 2014, there are only 17 Large Air Tankers available

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As a former IHC Superintendent and a current Air Attack, the P3’s were successful, reliable and put down some of the best and most accurate line in support of firing operations as well as buying ground forces time to get their hand line in. 100% support from this guy in bringing back the P3’s!!!
The Palermo Fire in late September 1991 I saw four houses saved through direct action by a P3, either T25 or T00 both were there. On the Fountain Fire in ’92 up out of Whitmore on the right flank we had a slop over really late in the day near cutoff and the P3’s along with the P2V’s were instrumental in containing it before we lost the whole Div. not to mention the numerous IA fires we caught out in the Pondosa & Burney areas during the same time frames because of the excellent work by the ATGS & tanker drivers working out of Redding & Chico. 25 yrs in the biz I can’t remember all the times the P3’s saved me from being crisp bacon with a well placed drop
Cannot tell you the number of times in California during my career where the P3’s saved the day in stopping a fire and helping crews on the edge hold on to a section of line critical to containing the fire. Always had good experiences with them and the pilots flying them.
As a retired fire fighter with 35 years of initial attack experience and having retired as an Aviation Officer with 16 years years experiance as an air attack I always liked knowing a P-3 was in the lineup headed to my incident. I knew these aircraft could make multiple drops in terrain that other aircraft would have trouble dealing with. With the performance of the these aircraft I believe they need to be put back to work.


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